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WOESA Investment Holdings Limited (WIH) was formed in 2006 to invite individuals, mainly black women, through a share offer to invest in opportunities in the oil and energy sector. The WIH share offer began in December 2006 and closed during June 2007. WIH is therefore a broad-based SA woman owned company with national representivity with 1200 shareholders.


As a company owned and managed by black women, WIH is committed to becoming one of the leading investor’s within the mainstream of the South African economy.


 WIH will ensure participation of women in business ventures by:

  • Becoming one of the leading investors into the mainstream of the South African economy, especially in the energy sectors


 WIH aims to achieve its vision and mission through the following objectives:

  • To create wealth for its shareholders by following sound and legal business practices
  • To promote and support the businesses in which WOESA Investments invests
  • To ensure women become active and real partners in the South African economy.

 Core values

  • To conduct business with a high level of ethics as espoused by the principles of Ubuntu and the King III Report on Corporate Governance in South Africa
  • To contribute to the empowerment of other women’s companies, organisations and groups through social responsibility endeavours.


WOESA Investment Holdings Ltd is currently 100% owened by individual shareholders.


Shareholding Structure of Individual members 



Broad Business Participation

WOESA Investment Holdings Ltd has positioned itself, to draw from the strength of all the provinces in South Africa.

WIH has formed strong relationships with leading black, women owned and managed companies in the Petroleum industry. Through these relationships, WIH will be able to get support that is necessary to make a meaningful presence in all areas of the energy sector.

Financial Backing

WOESA Investments (remove) Holdings (WIH) was established through capital raising from WOESA member companies and individuals. 

Investments held by WOESA Group of Companies

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WOESA group structure

WOESA Partnerships

As part of its aim to remain sustainable, the WOESA Group has developed a number of companies with which to engage in the various projects namely:

  • WOESA Fuels and Oils
  • WOESA Power
  • WOESA Energy 
  • Sizalex
  • Hydrowsa

Featured Member Companies

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