WOESA was officially launched at the International Conference Centre in Durban on the 9th March 2002. The Ministers in the Department of Minerals and Energy have all supported WOESA as part of their areas of focus. The establishment of the new department of Energy presents greater opportunity for WOESA’s mandate to expand to include all forms of energy and to reach a broader community of women entrepreneurs.

Target Group

Given the historical reality of South Africa, WOESA’s focus is specifically on Historically Disadvantaged Individuals and groups, whilst not excluding white women.


WOESA’s vision is:

“To be the leading organisation in facilitating the participation of women in business ventures in the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.”


WOESA will ensure meaningful participation of women in business ventures in the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors by:

  • Creating a platform and  network for women in the oil, gas and other energy sectors nationally
  • Engineering  a broad-based understanding of these industry sectors through targeted interventions e.g. training
  • Identifying and sharing business opportunities with and for the members
  • Interfacing with all relevant stakeholders to foster a conducive environment for the empowerment of women
  • Participating in initiatives to make appropriate energy resources more accessible to the poor


WOESA aims to achieve its vision and mission through the following objectives:

  • Empowering women to understand the business and management of the industry
  • Interfacing and engaging major role players in the industry, viz. Government, CEF, SAPIA, AMEF, key individuals and companies
  • Lobbying for set asides for the participation of women in the sector in business opportunities and the established industry
  • Lobbying the government to use state assets and government business opportunities to promote women’s empowerment
  • Creating a register of all women in the industry and providing a platform through which women can network with other women of similar interest locally and abroad.

Strategic Objectives:

In order for it to be an effective and efficient organisation, always moving towards fulfilling its vision and mission, WOESA has developed the following medium term strategic objectives:

  • WOESA needs to continue to grow with projects in the Gas, Renewable, Oil and Nuclear energy sectors.
  • To have an accredited and accessible training programme in place
  • To become an automatic point of reference within the sector
  • To grow its Membership and be represented in the nine provinces.
  • To be financial viability and to have a steady dividend flow 

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